About Kanta Shrawan Palace
How beautiful and spacious is Kanta Shrawan Palace

Once you visit Kanta Shrawan Palace Marriage Garden, we are sure you will be spell bound seeing its beauty, design and facility. Our garden is spread in 56000 sq.ft. land. Itís picturesque stunning lush-green garden attract everyone. The aromatic and beautiful flowers, palm trees add beauty to our garden.

The Inner View

Beautifully designed big and spacious 3 air Conditioned halls have the capacity to facilitate large number of guests. Brilliantly designed 27 beautiful Air Conditioned rooms with superb interior give immense pleasure, satisfaction and feeling of contentment to each of our guest. Itís Spacious corridors give easy passages. Open and capacious gallery intensifies the beauty of Kanta Shrawan Palace Marriage Garden.

View in the Night

For that, we must invite you to come and have a look of Kanta Shrawan Palace Marriage Garden. We are sure, you would ogle on it without blinking, incessantly. Showered in Sparkling, radiant and dazzling illumination of Kanta Shrawan Palace attracts even the passerby.

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